PsyLab雜記 1990/05~1998/12

1990/05/10a- To learn technics for HPLC and scientific spirit
1991/04/29a- 精神病部研究討論會-- 實驗室進度報告
1991/01/08a- Human MCM 7.1 clone plasmid
1991/07/01a- English idoms
1991/07/02a- Courses of linkage analysis
1991/08/12a- 憂鬱症患者尿中新喋呤與生喋呤之分析
1991/09/01a- 實驗室小扎
1992/06/17a- Amplify the FMR1 CGG repeat fragment
1992/10/15a- Detection of CGG repeat in fragile X syndrome
1992/10/27a- Sequencing and molecular technology
1993/09/19a- 家族譜之分析
1993/10/25a- 八十二年度研究成果報告
1993/11/20a- I devote myself to...
1993/11/26a- Independant from Dr's Tsai
1993/12/02a- AD and ApoE type episilon 4 will be a good start
1993/12/07a- Rotate 實驗室的書面報告
1993/12/08a- To create two new restriction sites
1993/12/11a- Director of this project
1993/12/11b- To get funding support to our laboratory
1993/12/12a- Re: Director of this project
1993/12/17a- About the cag gene....
1993/12/24a- Write and read Chinese in TWNMOE10 IBM 3090 ?
1993/12/25a- Re: grant
1993/12/30a- Asking questions through internet discussion groups
1993/12/30b- some ideas
1994/02/01a- linkage analysis course
1994/02/03a- Please prepare a manuscript of.....
1994/02/03b- Ian Pitchford...
1994/02/04a- Roland.Ciaranello..
1994/02/07a- Michael B. Miller...
1994/02/15a- Experience on internetting
1994/02/21- How to make your cDNA cloning work into a paper
1994/02/22- To Dr. Shyue Ru-wei
1994/02/22b- To Dr. Lin Jen-Shuw and Dr. Lan
1994/02/25- To Chiu 8..
1994/02/26- When the DSM-IV will be published?
1994/03/19- 簡介國際(學術)網路與電子郵件
1994/05/22- 對於TD之研究我有一些疑問
1995/04/15- Probe OxE20 (To: Knight)
1995/06/06- Clone of DRD4 (To: Nizinik)
1996/04/25a- ACT polymorphism (To: Kamboh)
1997/01/19a- These primers are basically junk and very hard to use(To: Haines)
1998/04/01a- Anonymous Lab Meeting (Hong)
1998/07/10a- Probes for fragile X syndrome (To: Oostra)
1998/07/22- PsyLab meeting (Hong)
1998/07/29- PsyLab meeting (Hong)
1998/08/05- PsyLab meeting (Hong)
1998/08/12- PsyLab meeting (製作 mimic 的方法 A and B) (Hong)
1998/08/18- PsyLab meeting (Hong)
1998/08/20a- Fragile X syndrome carrier vs. normal homozygote (To: 李教授)

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