PsyLab 雜記  June 2001

July 2001
90/06/29b-*PsyLab meeting report (Hong)
90/06/29a- The Antisocial study will begin in July (Daniel, Tsai)
90/06/28a- 新聞 : Possible Protein Marker For Schizophrenia Symptoms (UniSci, Mol Psy)
90/06/22a-*PsyLab meeting report (Hong)
90/06/21a- 借 CO2 incubator & Larminar flow (showfang, Hong)
90/06/20b- 八里的 ApoE data (chihya)
90/06/20a- the nominclature of estrogrn receptor (Daniel, Tsai)
90/06/19a- Notch and schizophrenia (Wang)
90/06/15a-*PsyLab meeting report (Hong)
90/06/14a- 地震怎麼辦?(Fw)
90/06/12a- Re: 九十一年度榮清陽合作計劃@(J chan)
90/06/11c- Re: Flinders Sensitive Line (FSL) rats (Tsai, Hong)
90/06/11b- Flinders Sensitive Line (FSL) rats (Hong, Overstreet)
90/06/11a- 血寄放在D030病房 (Daniel, chihya)
90/06/10a- 九十一年度榮清陽合作計劃(animal)(clinical)(mice-brain)@
90/06/08a-*PsyLab meeting report (Hong)
90/06/03a- tissue specific genes and 47 transcripts expressed at the same level in eleven human adult and fetal tissues
90/06/01a-*PsyLab meeting report (Hong)

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