A. Research Articles   * Corresponding author  

Clinical Studies
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  14. Hong CJ, Hu WH, Chen CC, Hsiao CC, Tsai SJ*, Ruwe FJL. A double-blind, randomized, group-comparative study of the tolerability and efficacy of 6 weeks’ treatment with mirtazapine or fluoxetine in depressed Chinese patients. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 68(8):921-926. Aug 2003 (SCI)

Psychogenomic & Pharmacogenomic Studies

C. Software  

  1. 洪成志:PsyLab 網頁(May 1999)
  2. 洪成志:PsyLab個案資料庫動態網頁登錄與查詢(ASP+SQL)(Sep 2002)
  3. 洪成志:PsyLab耗材/Primers網頁資料庫登錄與查詢(ASP+SQL)(Aug 2002)
  4. 洪成志:PsyLab工作進度動態網頁(ASP+SQL)(Aug 2002)
  5. 洪成志:PsyLab簽到/簽退/請假動態網頁(ASP+SQL)(June 2002)
  6. 洪成志:PsyLab訪客留言(ASP+SQL)(July 2002)
  7. 洪成志:PsyLab Calc (Visual Basic) (for Chi-square, TDT, HRR test, power and case number evaluation) (May 2002)
  8. 張逸昕洪成志: Mouse tracker (Visual Basic) (for automatic TST and FST) (Nov 2001)
  9. 洪成志林超倫: Auto Counter (Delphi + VCLMMI) (for automatic detection of open field activity and wheel running)(Mar 2002)
  10. 洪成志林超倫: Escape Controller (Delphi + VCLMMI) (for automatic control and detection of escape test)(July 2002)

D. Hardware

  1. 洪成志:Mice behavior array(fig1, 2) (for wheel running and sucrose preference test)
  2. 洪成志:Double T-maze(fig) (for mice cognitive test)
  3. 洪成志:Programmable electricity generator(fig) (for foot shock)
  4. 洪成志:Infra-red monitored versatile box(fig) (for open field and escape)
  5. 洪成志:PsyLab Escape AutoBox(fig 1, 2)
  6. 洪成志:PsyLab Auto Alarm
  7. 洪成志:PsyLab conditioning shocker
  8. 洪成志:PsyLab Auto-Elevated Plus Maze
  9. 洪成志:PsyLab Escape Test auto-Controller (with cue, without cue)

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